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How Artificial Intelligence Can be a Marketing Game-Changer?

Digital Marketing and AI

Have you ever entered a website to check out their products and services, and suddenly out of nowhere, a customer support live chat system popped up on one side of the window? You have probably experienced this many times and felt a sneaking, vague suspicion that the ‘person’ on the other side of the chat box might actually be a robot. These are chatbots, a part of AI (artificial intelligence).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up incredible opportunities and pushed every limit of what is possible to do, today. Even in the field of marketing and SEO, some of the major search engines have accepted this change, rather than revolution, and have made AI a major part of their ranking algorithms. In any kind of business, one of the most crucial stages which have the potential of making or breaking profits is undeniably marketing. This sphere holds the significance of determining the success and revenue of an organization by forming proper customer relationships and hence, marketing is quite an essential aspect of any business.

However, the whole process of making the marketing prospects thrive in an organization requires a lot of time as well as intelligence. At times, devoting the required time or resources becomes daunting. And at this very stage, AI can infinitely help! And no, it’s not like the businesses haven’t detected this yet. Many organizations worldwide have already taken notice of it and have incorporated AI in their marketing modules to flourish in their business forefront.

Digital Marketing and AI: A Match Made in Technology Heaven!

AI has also fully pervaded the digital marketing mainstream. And it is absolutely here to stay and rock the SEO world as well. Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of driving traffic for a business. Search engines are getting much better at recognizing content online and all thanks to AI, SEO strategies have become all the more sophisticated and on-point!

Businesses worldwide have already developed a much deeper understanding of how AI algorithms actually work. They have started implementing several AI-powered techniques and have tied them up in a comprehensive strategy for attracting profits.

So, How Exactly has AI Revolutionized the Marketing Forefront?

1. It Has Enhanced the Overall Customer Experience

Every customer these days wishes for a customized and personalized service. Also, it’s a known fact that highly satisfied customers are more likely to return. This is exactly where the AI chatbots can help! Researchers have found out that almost 72% of B2B marketers have displayed their interest in using AI chatbots for improving their overall customer experiences. These are consistent, efficient, and much more affordable. Also, these bots are more likely to engage the customers in interaction while conveying the message that the company is always present to help them with their needs. As per several other studies, by the end of 2020, AI will fully revolutionize the digital marketing industry.

2. AI Solves Marketing Problems Better

Do you remember the days when you had to call customer care services and had to wait for almost a lifetime until someone was available to attend to you? It’s a boring past now, all thanks to AI chatbots! With this technological advancement, aiding customers in solving their problems is now possible in just a few minutes, irrespective of their location. For example, the Bank of America created Erica, which is a bot, and this is used across several social media platforms like Messenger and Facebook, as well as text messaging, for attending to the customers. This bot also helps customers to take some pragmatic decisions based on their overall spending. With AI, there are no more cold calls, disruptive ads, and spam emails from the marketing team of companies. Isn’t that great?

3. Artificial Intelligence Provide 24×7 Customer Support

With AI innovations, conversational updates like making appointments, making reservations, and checking emails, can be easily carried out without any flaw. No matter how intelligent humans can get, they can never compete in multitasking with a machine, and it is in this sphere that AI simply excels. It can help customers to carry out tasks at an unimaginable pace, that too with a high efficacy rate that most humans are unable to do.

Vodafone and IKEA, along with some other major giants, have incorporated Nanorep, a combination of chatbot and NLP, in their marketing area for delivering effective services to their customers. Also, an AI chatbot can help in solving the issue of multiple customers in one go. So, isn’t it almost time that we bid adieu to the age-long waiting during customer care calls?

4. AI is an Unmatchable Cost-Cutting Alternative

It’s true that AI cannot fully replace human interventions when it comes to doing business, but at the same time, it plays a major role in cutting costs in an organization. Simply put, bots can easily do whatever a human does, and at times, even better than that! So, the need for human employment declines drastically. As a result, a company can create a few bots rather than keeping a few salaried employees and thereby, cut down on a large number of expenses.

To Conclude,

Research has shown that around 33% of marketers have found that integrating AI into their job role is a hurdle. A few reports also suggest that only around 13% of B2B marketers know exactly what this AI is all about, 55% of them are pretty confident about the same, while 33% are not at all confident regarding AI. However, it doesn’t really make any difference, does it? AI has already taken over and once this 33% of marketers are able to see the big picture and realize how AI chatbots can actually shape up the present state of business, they will have to give in, no other option. For providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, AI chatbots are all ready and set. Are you?

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